Jaiden Rva James
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if im sayin i am going to talk about the Jaiden rVa James brand, you'll may think you're so ignorant and feel ashamed !!! but i agree !!! it's so lame !! because everyone ever heard on blogger of Jaiden James !! no ?!!!
so well since discovering what they've done, i immediately fell in love with them !! actually im more than interested in understandin why the London fashion scene is growin so easily and has such an amazin bunch of talented fellas !!
just why ?!!!!
so i decided one day that i should ask them for an interview and they immediately agreed !! so what am i waiting for ?!!!

Can u tell me how u met the other guy your designing with ?
Jaiden : I met Rasharn a few years ago. We shared the same mutual friends, but it was like four years ago when I moved into a flat where he lived above and I used to go up and look at his magazines it was then and there that I knew fashion was what I wanted to do. I feel in love with the amazing glamour and extremely chic clothes portrayed in magazines like vogue and harpers and the edgy yet brilliant styles that captivated me in Dazed & Confused and I-D.
What's cool about doin it with someone else ? what's not ?
Jaiden : There is nothing un cool about running a business with a friend that you have known for so long there are no arguments or fights we just brainstorm ideas and usually we have the same ideas and its amazing how in sync we are with one another.

How would u describe your brand ?
Jaiden : Extremely well made and well thought of clothes that are fully functional.
Who are the designers that inspire you ? and why ?
Jaiden : I am not inspired by other designers but by life itself, for me a personal reference point is the 1950�s when it seemed everyone loved fashion and the way they looked, I constantly watch James Dean, Audrey Hepburn and Marlon Brando Films . I do love the work of Hedi Slimane and think his vision was a vision of a genius he was the zeitgeist of the time he was in and so very in sync with arts, music and fashion and the contemporary world around him that only amazing things would come out of anything he did. I love the work of Kim Jones, and the way he built his business for me he was one of the first menswear designers to make some noise in London and because of that there is now a Platform to stand on for many other menswear designers. I love Topman for its involvement in menswear and getting the young males of UK interested in fashion and for also supporting Fashion East to produce MAN the only menswear show at London Fashion Week. I like Cassette Playa, Carola Eurler & Siv Stodal personally and would wear the clothes they make but I am not inspired by them at all.

What makes your brand different from all the others that come from London right now ?
Jaiden : That�s a question for you to answer really as iam involved in the London Fashion scene I guess you could tell me what makes the brand so different. Everyone has a vision in London and each vision is different I guess that�s what makes the London fashion scene so energetic and everyone is generally nice to one another. I have a vision dreams and goals and will work hard to achieve them I�ve been in fashion since I was 16 and have watched the rise of menswear and I love where it is at the moment. .
Tell me more about the new collection
Jaiden : The new collection is called 'Evening Punk� with each collection I like to develop a story and pretend that I am that person within the story while I am developing the collection. I have always loved the subcultures that Britain has produced from the new ravers , mods, rockers, emos, and indie kids but I have always loved Punk most of all. The collection is based on Sid Vicious and if he where alive would he still be a punk. We based it on him growing old gracefully and wearing evening fabrics like Velvet, of course he still has a bit of rebel and there is lace trousers and sheer shirts that flash flesh. We remained true to punk staples like biker jackets but reworked them in Velvet to give them a more softer feel and a more grown up approach.

What in general inspire your brand ? where do u get the ideas, styles or concepts ?
Jaiden : Life and people inspire me, I love individuality in a world where everything and now days everyone is mass consumed it is at the utmost importance to be individuals. London has so many bohemians and I always admire the strength of these characters as it is not easy to stand out in the crowd but it is important to. Clubs in east London inspire me a lot as places like Boombox celebrate individuality it is there where I see things that I find very interesting and might take note of it.
Finally who would u like to dress ? and who's your male and female fashion icon ?
Jaiden : I would tell you where I expect to be first before I even think of dressing someone famous. I would like to have shown on MAN and do some more collaborations maybe with Topman to bring the Jaiden rVa James concept to a wider and youthful audience, eventually I would like to work closely with a sports label to develop my own label with them as sportswear is the clothes I grew up with and I guess living the urban life for so long should know how to design for the people I lived with. I would want to dress the men of several nations I don�t care who they are they might be a celebrity or they might be a road sweeper as long as they understand the vision and love the clothes I create then I say I am doing my job right.

Isnt it cute ?!! yes....i love how frank he is and i'd like to thank Jaiden first !! then i would say that it's funny to see each time each interviews are so different from one another and all the different people always manage to be real and honest !!!!! good job dudes !!
well now im curious and I've asked for pictures from their new collection but it's not available yet !! humm damn !!! dont forget to send me some pictures mate !!!
ps : i forgot to say that he has a nice blog
www.jaidenjames.blogspot.com !!!