We're Staged To Expose Yourself However Revealin Nothing
0 comment Monday, May 26, 2014 |

French Vogue is becomin so iconic that we even get the privellege to see the amazin beauty Cindy Crawford !! yeah it's somethin quite rare right now but it's still possible !!! perfect lips, beautifull legs and her amazin aura !! she has always remained a bit more private and shy ! and that's probably why i feel like this editorial is so great and such honorific for Carine Roitfeld who styled ! in fact, even if the supermodel trend is still raging in the advertising world, there's no Cindy at all !! she's not gracin Dior nor Chanel whereas it wouldnt be bad for the brand image compared with the silly and useless celebrities, doin it for the money and fame !!! moreover she has been chosen to interpret the forty year-old woman in this fashion spread that is to say, curvy, definitely trusty and totally liberated ! can we believe this lookin at those perfect shots of her !!? i guess i couldnt agree more with Carine when she says " there is no age to be young " !!