Exclusive Interview of Wayne Sterling
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Let's be clear, Wayne Sterling is that brilliant guy who is writtin for the hype website theimagist.com ! since the very beginnin i fell in love with his honest and sincere way of writting ! moreover his truthfull ability to express his thoughts clearly happen to be the perfect way to describe the fashion world, so complex and moody !! by the way he stands out among the billions of blogs thanks to his unique and peculiar vision, his exclusive never-heard-before news and above all his fashion analysis ! yeah i really wont mind callin him a " couture shrink " !! dont u !!? so well i'd like to thank him for feedin my hungry eyes everyday and givin my soul somethin to think about ! thank u sincerely

First tell me why you started this blog !!?
W.S : I think I started this blog because I felt like I was getting behind on what was new out there...in terms of music...fashion..in art..the new books...the new girls..new talent...new kids...Everything these days moves so fast, it sometimes feels like a blur. So I started doing theimagist as a kind of act of daily discipline to figure out what I liked out of that constant gush of new stuff.
So everyone knows you as a blogger but can you tell me what is your job actually ? where are you workin ?
My day job so to speak as the editor of Models.com. The modeling industry can be a very dramatic business. Sometimes I'm amazed at the...inelegance of certain people's behavior but at least it's never dull! Doing models.com has taught me to ignore all that noise and drama and focus on my own idea of what is good and what is mediocre.
Blogs are becomin really trendsettin and influential right now !!? do you think they're gonna play a big role in the future !!?
Totally and 100%. Some people complain that there are too many blogs and too many opinions out there but I think that is the big future for blogs...destroying the illusion that anybody anywhere can dictate their tastes to the passive consumers. The way people consume information these days is a lot more passionate, active and opinionated than the world of PR and advertising would like us to believe.
So last week, you were in Paris, so tell me what do you think about the french city !!? and the shows you've seen ? how was it ?
I love Paris and I hate Paris because I always end up blowing through so much money there. I love the creativity and the self-indulgence and the sybaritic hedonism of the city. Every time I'm in Paris, I think "This is a great city to be established and older in" . In terms of shows I always am moved by the Chalayan because it is more than fashion. of course it makes no practical or economic sense as a show or as a brand and Hussein is not an editorial pet but I'm so moved by his isolation and his genius. He's so far ahead it's almost like seeing fashion as it will be 30 years from now.
By the way, I've noted through your blog that you seem to be a fan of french contemporary art scene. would you say Paris is still the city of light ?
Absolutely. I don't know what it is. There's a great conflict in seeing contemporary work in an old city. When I see modern, conceptual work in New York...there's a kind of...flatness and appropriateness to the experience because New York is such a graphic city of concrete and electricity and asphalt and glass. But in Paris, that kind of work, modern work ... has an energy of conflict. It feels like a losing battle, visually when you see the work of an artist in Paris who is battling to discuss the ideas of 2008. Then you walk out onto a medieval street in the Marais and the past just hits you like a crumbling wall. That tension is really invigorating.
So what about fashion ? who are your favorite designers and why ?
Yiiikes. I don't have favorite designers so much anymore because its hard to tell...Do I really think this designer is genius or am I being brainwashed by the fashion PR of it all . I really do love Chalayan though. Remember the collection with the remote control outfits that changed shape before your eyes. I cried when I saw that and I'm not corny that way. I love my friend Rad Hourani because he is in the spirit of a new generation that grew up inspired by fashion and then woke up one day to explore it on his own terms. I think he's going to evolve in a brilliant way. I totally respect Nicholas Ghesquiere's work for Balenciaga when it comes to mainstream designers and Alexander McQueen is also really really honest and shrewd as a designer. Its not all smoke and mirrors bullshit with him.
Are there models you are a big fan of ?
OH ...but when it comes to models I've seen too much to be a groupie (lol) . But I love the bad girls. I think Kate Moss is great and Lara Stone. Agyness is a good "bad girl". She's super-sweet and works her ass off but I love how UNLIKELY it was for her. Its badass the way she broke all the rules about not being 16 and not being the pet of such and such a designer or editor and just became her own force of nature. When she started, do you think she would be a celebrity hanging out in LA n all? I didn't and I love that about her.
Besides the world is lackin new icons. do you think Kate Moss deserves the place she has today ?!! what about Carine Roitfeld from Vogue Paris recent rise ?
Yeah Kate deserves it because at one point they tried to strip her of it but she still gave them such gorgeous pictures they came back to bow at her throne lol. Carine Roitfeld is awesome because her force field is so strong you want to be like an element in her world. You look at her way of putting looks together and it always...a la Carine... That's real power. The power of taste.
So let's go back to fashion. The world is goin crazy right now !! so do you think Jonathan Saunders is right when he said recently " Maybe the next trend is stay the same. Yves Saint Laurent did essentially the same collection for eight seasons in a row. I like that idea. I think, on some level, we could all use a break." ?
Funny enough a couple of haters kept sneering to me that this was what Rad does season after season...the same collection. But you know what..I ran around in Rad's clothes all Paris Fashion Week and..I want that feeling of continuity in my clothes for seasons upon seasons upon seasons. I want a secure., precise sense of style...not fashion...style. And I want to keep it going for as long as I can fit those clothes. Not everybody has to share that point of view. But personally I'm not someone who has 2 hours in the morning to put an outfit together. I want to open my closet door... grab a perfect blazer, a perfect shirt, perfect pants...shoes,...belt and run! I'm not so chic as to want to throw away everything I buy in October .I think I want to buy things I can wear for a loooooong time now.
So please tell me who are those spies you're workin with and that are part of the squad hiss ?
If I did that Mr Style...The ringmasters of The Hiss Squad...they'd snatch me off the street one day...put a bag over my head...cut my tounge out and do unspeakable things to my body...I live in terrible fear of what they might do to me . I really do!
Oh and i just adore your eye-candy du jour concept ! sex sells for sure !! do you think it's important to show flesh in a fashion magazine whereas fashion seems to be about clothes ? interestin paradox no !!? what do you think ?
Skin and sex gets my attention anytime. Yes its obvious and sometimes crass but I don't know how to pretend that I'm not very sexually driven. I feel that is an important part of being honest about your humanity. It doesn't mean I want to sleep with everybody who takes their clothes off but I WILL look! I've never seen intelligence and sexuality as two opposing forces. The human body is so beautiful and so remarkable I've come to learn that denying its power is futile.
this question is a bit private but interviews are made to reveal things no !? so is your heart taken ?
And as for ...is my heart taken. Ah...no. Not officially. I feel like I'm in transition . I have a great love of my life but my constant traveling was not good for a relationship. Its a little sad but at the same time. I'm happy to have known that kind of love.
By the way what are your favorite magazines right now ? and why ?
100% Fanatstic Man because it inspires me to live my life as a gentleman. It is so dignified and polite but sexy at the same time. And there's that Dutch thing. Have you ever been the Dutch West Indies? I went last Christmas and the shock of seeing those super-bright colors against the blue Caribbean sea damn well seared my retina!
Dont you wanna start doin your own mag ?
More and more I'm starting to feel that that might be inevitable. I have to figure out how to do a different kind of magazines. Very personal and very honest.
You said in your own blog (if i can call it like that) that New York was loosin it's power and fashion influence !!? so do you think or plan to move to Europe as Milan, London and Paris are still shining ?
You called it. New York has great bones and a great tradition of innovation in art and music ....NeoExpressionissm...Jazz...Beats...Warhol....Conceptual Art..Punk...Disco.. Hip-Hop.. and will always have great potential because of that but recently it was so obsessed with social climbing and department store parties and PR agencies and commercial success it just got so boring. I'm trying to figure out if its London or Paris that will provoke me out of my own complacency. Its not Milan. And I have a really strange attraction to Amsterdam. There's something about Dutch culture that really draws me. The great thing about Europe though is I could just be a nomad and drift from city to city...searching... until I find a new city to shape a new identity around
I was wonderin also if you ever had a fashion dream that you wanna fufill ?
Fashion dream...fashion dream... To come up with a look, a style ,a taste point in some kind of project...maybe a book or a movie or a magazine...and that look, whether it is graphic design or a kind of photography or cinematography or set design is completely and truly mine. That's my great great dream. To create some kind of look that people will remember. And then sell it as a perfume in a brilliant bottle.
Finally what's stylish right now ?
Walking around with perfect posture and dealing with people with very good manners. Everything looks amazing on you when you have perfect posture. And very good manners requires a lot of discipline but it gets you upgrades on airplanes and in good hotels . Oh yeah...good luggage helps that cause too.