Chestnuts Roasting On A Open Fire, Jackfrost Nippin At Your Nose,
Yuletide Carols Being Sung By A Choir, And Folks Dressed Up Like
Eskimos !!!
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Well it's really rare when an unknown brand is able to make quite a powerfull campaign and make the Louis Vuitton or Gucci ad look boring and not inspirefull !! yeah im lovin Iekeliene Stange as this graphic retro queen for Majo Fruithof jewelry line ! i would probably say first that there's somethin funny, and absolutely witty !! there's also somethin visually brilliant and sophisticated ! and then the interpretation given by hipster and style icon model Iekeliene is pure genius ! which makes me wonder why isnt she doing lots of spread and big brands campaign !!? i mean we need a bit of humor in ads, a glass of simplicity mixed with smartness ! a bit of je ne sais quoi ! and a tea spoon of " wow that's clearly interesting ! " !!! every day i keep buying mags and searching for a new idol, a new reference, a new it-trend,.............and im quite happy to say and realize i havent posted Prada latest ad nor YSL one with Herzigova ! who said the big brands are still powerfull !!? and I've just heard a friend sayin LVMH lost 40% of profit !! scary right !!? so well folks let's go back to somethin normal as the fancifull and golden days seem far and far away from today !!
ps : oh and enjoy the holidays and be happy !! spread love and life ! and dont pout if Santa does not bring what u've asked !! after all it's about the intention, not what's inside !! haha merry christmas everyone :=)