Another Sweetest Taboo
0 comment Sunday, May 25, 2014 |
some new ads are invading our magazines !!
let's make another review and see what works !! or what dont !!?

first with Vera Wang and model Stella Tenant !!
well i love the dark atmosphere even tough it doesnt really make me wanna buy it !!
and the jewels definitely rock !

then comes Burberry with Sam Riley by Testino !! so so wicked !
im lovin it !! even if Aggy is no longer there !! but she's still part of the movement !! so i dont care !!
and i think those black and white pics are really makin me happy !! the clothes are so nice and stylish !! Bailey is fantastic

about Miu Miu, well im not feelin that much bad about it !
i heard so many people critisizin it but it looks good and i love Vanessa Paradis !! so well it's alright !
and she doesnt look weird in those clothes !! so well good job Miuccia

still with another french icon, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Balenciaga
i have to admit that a lot of people were disappointed but i wasnt
there's this thing about that brand that i can feel and recognize really well !! the construction, hard sculpture and volume is here !! the balenciaga woman is avant-garde and cold at first sight !!

then Jil Sander with a nice ad for the men's collection !! i just remembered how i hated that look but here it's nice !! cool no ?!!
and the girl one is sweet too !! of course it's Lara Stone !

about Chanel, well im bored of Claudia even if the dark wig goes well with her !:!!!!!!!! but Karl's photographs arent that perfect !!
but he knows how to capture the mood !! that's the only thing that matter here !!!

still about another icon, the Louis Vuitton ad with Eva Herzigova is so fierce !!! i like how iconic she looks and there's somethin of a diva here that i just adore ::!
above all the bag isnt really cool here !!

concernin Armani's men's collection, the pictures look blurred so i dont get to see what the guy wear exactly but im not really a fan of Giorgio !! so the less i see, the best i feel !! sorry !!

finally Blumarine and Natasha Poly !! nice picture ! nice model !! nice clothes !! but so so so so Yawn !! it looks too much like Gucci !!!! what's the use of copyin !!?
ads perfumes
another borin thing !!! i hate when stars are taken for perfumes !!!!
a real icon is needed !! not another stuck up and not so gifted hollywood star !!!!!!!! ohlalalla
for example i dont understand why Givenchy choose Timberlake !! are they sellin that much with Britney ex boyfriend ?!!
it's a bit different when i think of Josh Hartnett and Armani !!
i love him but there's plenty of nice boys out there !!
finally Matthew McConaughey and Dolce and Gabbana perfume, the one !!!
well i guess the italian duet needed someone as powerfull as Gisele for the men's side but is he really good at that game ?!!
plus he said he doesnt use perfume or deodorant !!? a bit stupid !!