Censored Him
0 comment Saturday, May 24, 2014 |
if i was living in italy, i'd ask the mafia to kidnap roberto cavalli in order to prevent him from designin !!
i was already bored of his jungle prints gowns and all his leopard-prints stuffs !! and now, it's worse !! just look at those ads !
even the models look tired and boring to me !! however it is kate moss, eva herzigova and daria werbowy !! what happened girls !!???
I'm just so disappointed !! cuz i like roberto's personnality and life style !! but if there's no more talent !! it's just over then !!
they're some many gifted fresh and young designers out there tryin to break into the privilege world of fashion ! he should go away !!! maybe he could hang out with valentino now !!
why not ?!!