Very Classic With A Touch of Bizarre
0 comment Saturday, May 24, 2014 |
that's exactly the expression used by carine roitfeld to describe the best shoes for her !! by the way, in this case, she's talkin about a YSL high heels !!
i think we should really take a second look at all those strange shoes I've selected
thus, during the last fashion i was really surprised by the originality of some high heels !!always stylish and lovely but very modern now !!
feets always have been a body part women tried to hide, to mask but now it's just an odd old custom !! our feets are becomin a body part we want to beautify !!! and in some cases, it can be really cool
so here my favorite pairs
first from prada !! my very favorite one !

then balenciaga ! really like cuz it has a kind of masai-like idea or somethin from aborigins

now live from chanel show !! with the bags heels !! not so stylish but why not !?

after it is two pairs from alexander mcqueen

and finally just for carine !! some from yves saint laurent !! love u