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how can we analyse Eva Mendes recent success !!?
i guess there's no real reasons to me !! her movies are still borin and all her comedies are makin me sick !!
however Eva is a smokin hot latin chica !!
a girl that makes every man wanna die for !! she has curves, boobs and an amazin face !! but honestly, she's not the kind of girl fashion is watchin like Chloe Sevigny or Eva Green so......
but she faced the Vogue Italia issue and is the current muse of Calvin Klein sexy lingerie campaign !! convinced !!?
why is the world mad at this cover picture simply becuz it looks more like a Tom Ford ad than a spread with a celebrity ?:!!

i dont know if we can say that " diversity " was one of the main reason because this issue has been shot before
however the latin community is askin for some more representation and lookin for some more icons !! the Jennifer Lopez days seem away...
the cover seems for some who remember, like a picture from Jlo taken for the Pirelli calendar by Mert Alas and Marcus Pingeott
so from my point of view, it's definitely a sign of changin in brands influence
that way, i guess Calvin Klein is back under the spotlight
moreover the great Fabien Baron, who is so talked about right now has joined the Interview mag crew and has also worked on CK ads !!
im probably not the best at the detective game but it sounds pretty possible
by the way nothin is preventin us from enjoyin that pure black and white moment of pleasure ! what are u waitin !!?
ps : she checked into rehad by the way and no big stories or tabloids cover have really been made !!! do u think they paid !!?