Blood On His Hands, Fire In Her Eyes
0 comment Saturday, May 10, 2014 |
my friend Joseph Bleu emailed me today, sendin me some pictures from his new story " Forbidden Love " starrin model Christian and Allyson from basic models nyc !! so sweet no !!
once again im happy with this kind of remake of " westside story " or a modern Romeo and Juliet !!
the stylin is pretty cool and this black model really manage to wear some definitely western-like costumes without lookin bad at all
i guess this male model has somethin special !! and his perfect and flawless skin just makes me wanna quit eatin chocolate !! grrr im jealous
the other model, Allyson is interestin too !! she has this mixed of Angela Lindwall and Caroline Trentini with a face structure like the one of Elvis Presley daugther !!!! hi what a strange mixed and influences !! maybe im too high today !! oopss !!!
oh and i was wonderin it could be pretty controversial to start an editorial called like that but with a female muslin and her white blond bitch boy !!like Luke Worrall the gayest model and Coco Rocha as a desert rose from Dubai !! hahahhaha see ya