C'est La Fete.................................
0 comment Saturday, May 10, 2014 |
now we're back to our roots in Paris for the men'swear fashion week !!
the guys are damn stylish and it's makin me hate them so much
why am i still in Tahiti !!? boring !!
of course beaches and sun all year long is a good thing but......
im pretty sure i can learn much more livin in Paris !

first show and im really happy !
Louis Vuitton runaway was absolutely delightfull
I've liked all the looks !! so so so great !
and some guys had gladiator sandals and all the vests were well tailored !! everything was perfect !! maybe too much tough !! so im pretty excited about the ads result !! hope they're gonna do somethin so unpredictable !! yes i love Marc Jacobs !!
main trend : buy everything

then my second favorite which was from VĂ©ronique Branquinho
so the main idea was a collection dedicated for those boys livin near the sea
it's not that much amazin when im sayin it but it looks adorable !!
it would be wonderfull if all the beach boys were like that !
and the shoes are awesome ! even unbelievable for guys !!
main trend : think sailor, fisherman !!

next with Jean-Paul Gaultier and his lovely collection
once again it's full of funny things, unwearable outfits and weird stuffs !!
but there's plenty of items that could makeo ur days brighter !! for example the hats were really cool !! same for the boots and all the leather coats !
Gaultier's less " enfant terrible " than before but still provocative !
the guys are much hairy !! hairs are back :)
main trend : you need a horse to make it work

about Dries Van Noten collection
i'd say i wasnt really impressed even if i think it may be the chic-est collection he did !! maybe runaways are not necessary made to make fun of clothes ?!!!
classic pieces, boyish outfits ! i guess next season is about being clean !!
and the favorite colors are black, dark blue and light beige ! wicked !!
main trend : excentricities are forbidden !!