Cherish The Day, Wont Go Too Straight ! Look At Me Now ! When U Take My
Head, Show Me How Deep Love Can Be
0 comment Saturday, May 17, 2014 |

what to do when smart people ask you if you would agree and if you would like to receive for free some fresh meat delivered on a silver plate made in Versace !! sorry being so humourous but i couldnt resist !!! yeah it's always a pleasure no !!!? who doesnt like !!? who would refuse !? or be afraid, scared or shocked !!! yeah dude come on !! that's mainly why i said yeah definitely send me some!! so let's thank first photographer Doug Ordway for this opportunity !! in fact, it's always so stressfull havin to wait two days after the fashion show to see the images. Plus I've been dreaming maybe Donatella would show up on the pics, we will get to see her kissin one of the boys...who knows !!? however nothin happened in front of the camera..mystery :))))) !!
ps : its funny how with internet even people living on a far away land or in the space could get the pics live !! isnt it magic !!? one day we'll be able to dine with our parents through computer windows !!? and pretend there's no battery left when we feel bored or annoyed !! interested ?????