Self Professed, Profound, Till The Chips Were Down
0 comment Saturday, May 17, 2014 |

i went yesterday with my new parisian best friend Kristina, at the Sonia Rykiel exhibition at the Musée des arts decoratifs in Paris !!! and let me tell you it's brilliant !! but let's be honest, I've never really been a fan of Rykiel ! of course i love her universe, i love how she looks and all the things about her perfumes or campaigns ! but fashion in Paris means couture for me ! her aesthete wich is subtle and somehow simple has never really feed my hunger for unbelievable creations, fancy outfits or unwearable and impossible gowns but who cares !!? right !!? first what's cool is that you can hear Sonia voice who insisted in welcomin the visitor ! then all the dresses were there, from the first colorfull pants and coats, the lovey stripes or knits, light evening gowns, some furs and the latest creations from her fashion show!!! yes i had fun !! and you should really really feel lucky seein those shots as it's forbidden taking pictures !! however i knew it at the end !! luckily !!! :) haha !! oh and there were some videos too which showed the ends of each Rykiel show and each time the girls were laughing, running, smiling a lot, takin bicycles in the's a tradition actually !!
yeah this first Rykiel retrospective was truly amazin !! and yeah happy 40th anniversary !!!!!!!