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if i had to describe the weber style in photography I'll say that it's very WASP classic when he's workin for Ralph Lauren, it can be damn sexy only in black and white for Calvin Klein or somethin totally natural and relax for Abercrombie and Fitch !! so at the end we can remember that the weber style is about findin the true beauty in simple places, in simple moments !! nothin fancy
so i was quite delighted to see that he shot the new ads for french trademark for youngs socialites A.P.C
im not a big fan simply because i consider theirs prices as too expensive for the quality of their clothes !! it's never amazin
it's chic and can be worn by everyone
but there's no fantasy nor somethin that we cant leave in the shop while shoppin !! so that's mainly why im tryin not to be too obsessed like all those youngs dudes
but yeah i forgot to say that im talkin about this cuz i think Bruce is gonna bring some wildness to it
maybe im gonna more interested ?