C'est Beau Non ?
0 comment Saturday, May 17, 2014 |
if the boys want somethin sexy, they'll buy the new issue of playboy, if girls want to know the latest trends on fashion, they're gonna purchase an edition of vogue but what about those who look for both ?
I'll answer to this question by sayin go to a book store and buy the ELLE UK from march !!!! with one of the most amazin american style icon : chloe sevigny
what's hot with her ? well, everything !! (easy question)
her face is just so special and i think she has somethin very boyish that contrasts with her hot and sexy body curves
then her look which is always so peculiar and unique
plus she matches clothes a way only designer do !! so it makes her particularity even stronger
everything special and atypic with her
and i guess that's why she's the style advisor of this ELLE
wearin some awesome clothes in a great way ! always posin without big mise-en-scene
it's never meisel with her !! (hope u understand what i meant here)
the pictures are so cool and the cover is perfect! enjoy