We Are The World, We Are The Children
0 comment Friday, May 16, 2014 |

sorry to say this to her fans, but i hate Tyra Banks
not only because she's not a physically perfect model but above all because she's so stuck up !! and her tv-show is not that much amazin and inspirin !!
by the way it's really annoyin to see they're comparin her to Oprah Winfrey !!
how can we for one second compare them ? or maybe because they're both black ? or because they're girls ?
how dare u Tyra ?!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw she looks like a drag-queen sometimes !
however i like the energy and fierceness of the cover !!
and i guess I'll be laughin readin the content !!
Tyra is so funny and sometimes stupid !
ps : is she becomin the new JLO bling-bling thing ?!!