Constantly Forwarding Within Yourself, It Has Taught Me That Ups And
Downs Come & Go
0 comment Tuesday, May 13, 2014 |

Tori Praver is my new muse !! i think she has this Aline Weber thing or Hedi Klum simplicity !! you know, there's a huge wave of new fresh girls that are absolutely flawless, pure and nice !! but you need more to be the girl of the season !!!! and that's the problem ! they may be full of lovely ideas, havin a cute accent and the most amazin skin..........but it's not enough !!oh and it's funny seeing so many models in Paris !!! walkin arund the metro station, drinkin at Starbucks or doing shoppin around Saint-Honoré !! yes im lovin all those new commers breakin into fashion !!!!! but this new season is unfortunately dedicated to supermodels !!!!!!! wtf !!! hell again !! Stefanie Seymour has been confirmed at Valentino, Kate Moss is doing Stella McCartney and Longchamps and Claudia is at D & G !! fab fab tough !