It's An Invitation......Ok ?
0 comment Monday, May 12, 2014 |
"I always wonder why 99 percent of the top male fashion designers are homosexual. In my case, I would say that my sexuality has led me to love women to death and to hate them as well. This is the engine for my creativity." Stefano Pilati

is the fashion world becomin homophobic or what !? first there was that other quote that appear on the imagist from Juergen Teller and now it's YSL artistic director !! is it still dramatic and weighty bein in love and datin someone from the same sex ?!!! gosh we're livin in the 21th century and there's still some narrow-minded and brainless souls on that almost destroyed planet !!! hell what to do !? sometimes it's becomin absolutely foolish and senseless ! maybe this proverb is right ! " Great honours are great burdens "