Man She's A Socialite I Mean She's Famous Also !!! And Pretty Smart !
God She's Not Brainless Honey !! Hell Man !
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Can we really dare sayin anything about Vogue Paris covers ?!!! as it's pure and perfect !!! just what we were waiting right !? classic but chic ! fashion is so so complex and definitely hard to follow when u dont have a purse that can carry enough money to afford at least one Vuitton let's just spend more cash on simple items, i mean one little coat in tweed, some cute gloves or accessories that will last and that rock ! yeah yeah yeah it's all in the detail, in the subtlity :! Iris is wonderfull but wait !!! we all know the Coco Chanel famous rule : less is more !!!!! but it seems like Vogue Paris updated it no !!?
ps : this parisian team is more than trendy ! let's follow them guys !

Another mag, another interestin shaded view on fashion ! well it seems like the french are known for being good at simple but powerfull looks and on the other hand, you have the british humor, this je-ne-sais-quoi ! yeah daring as usually :! not afraid of anything ! yeah it's truly fascinated to me being from UK ! where only one rule rule : kill banality, enjoy diversity !!!! i guess im not wrong, am i !!?
ps : who would actually believe one second this mag is mainly dedicated for fashion when u look at the cover ! fearless