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It seems like the more you read magazines, the more you become indulgent with the content !! first because there's plenty, plenty different mags, from different countries, givin differents news, with different at the end you have this pot-pourri of everything from a boring poland mag to some awesome london webzines etc & etc...but at the end, i feel like the most important is the cover as a great metaphor, image that will promote easily the mag spirit, goal and dream ! and yeah so that's why I've picked here pictures from the covers of french magazine Paradis ! conceptually interestin, providing peculiar situations with unic people! it's a new men's magazine !! impressive and commited as if a men magazine meant visually a naked woman showing her boobs !! that's truly wicked !!
ps : they still havent done one cover with a woman ass and fishes jumping on it !! so you have time to check it or purchase it and have your opinion !! but Paradis magazine is the new Purple mag from my point of view