Enfants Terribles
0 comment Monday, May 12, 2014 |

that is the first word that came to me when i discovered jean-paul gaultier new ad campaigns from spring/summer 08
shot by mario sorrenti with model catherine mcneil

well i love the atmosphere, something underground
very psychedelic, with a touch of galliano, we have to admit
so that's the kind of ads i do adore
but i think that's one of the trend of this season
somethin crazy, somethin weird
i just remember the dress made by dolce & gabbana with paint on it
it's very surrealist
and the new prada ad by meisel, still with pivovarova ! have the same strange energy
by the way, it was the same with cavalli ads
dont know why but fashion is becomin crazy
maybe next year cuz it's still 2007 in tahiti !!!! everything are gonna be more and more in another space !! the world's going crazyyyy, that's sure
do u think they smoked too much ?