Designed, Build And Sold In France
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why is the world so obssesed with french right now ?
dont believe me ! im not critisizin !!! not at all
i guess a lot of french are becomin really major
Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot will have to share !!! :)
first with Marion Cotillard and her oscar for the best actress
then with actor Mathieu Almaric, becomin the bad man in the upcomin James Bond and who was the main character of Julian Schnabel's last movie !
finally Eva Green and her many roles in movies and in fashion : Dior fragrance and now the new face of Montblanc

so many gifted and talented are breakin into that small circle of adored french talents !! among them, the great actor Louis Garrel
i first seen him in the movie "the dreamers" directed by Bertolucci (one of my favorite movie) with the great Michael Pitt and Eva Green
then i saw him in his father movie " les amants réguliers" ! only in black and white
a wonderfull story
and now, what a big surprised, on L'Uomo Vogue cover
all pictures by Bruce Weber
i suppose u recognize it ! with the patchwork photo
i liked the photo while he's smokin !! definitely an old french stereotype
Louis actin like a rebellious guy !