Theres No Excellent Beauty That Hath Not Some Strangeness In
Proportions ! Dude Who You're Talkin To ?
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their names are Daniela De Jesus and Ubah Hassan and well, they're the new black bombs, here under the camera of the master Bruce Weber for italian Vogue !! yeap black is definitely back !! new trend ? .....hum probably ? or not ? but those girls are gonna rule !! not only because they're more hungry than ever but certainly because they have charisma, energy and the envy, the desire to make it !! there was maybe a certain fatality some years ago for any young and nice and slim black lady, who wont be able to do Chanel at least once in her life but it has changed !! let's thank the Vogue Italia team even tough it was mainly commercial !! wont argue about that again and again but...i have my reasons !! sorry to disappoint some of view ! i also think Meisel is responsible ! yeah artists are definitely the only people who can make the mass, the crowd change their silly minds ! yeah we should face it and call it the way it has to be named !! oh and i read again rumors about Michelle Obama facing the US Vogue cover for march 09 !!? wouldnt it be major !!? oh and as every brand is fallin down like poop, let's hope america's first lady can save brands ! i mean why not ? she looks so stylish and knows how to strike the pose ! yeah let's go vogued !!
ps : im just so so so excited gettin to meet those new black beauties during the pret a porter shows !!! for example let's hope we'll meet sooner or later Alek Wek nice Ataui !! she's so flawless and extraordinary !! then there's Frida Verve, fresh new comer that I'll certainly try to follow !! and I've saved the best for last with model Ariel Meredith, the new Liya Kebede !! yeah im ready to bet, she'll be major !!