Don't You Miss Me ?
0 comment Friday, May 16, 2014 |

okay well i mentioned three days ago that Noémie Lenoir was the only girl on Vogue Paris cover but i guess I've been wrong !!
finally here are the two covers
almost similar !! but Laetitia's picture is a bit blurred ! and her hair is different from Noemie but they're both very interestin
i explain the Casta's effect by the fact that the french population is no longer white with blue eyes !! there's always a deep message in Vogue Paris covers
so from my point of view, that's what we can say about it
and i was right when i said the dress was from Chanel ! because a french woman without Coco's style is just not french !
by the way, Roitfeld styled a lot of editorials
and there's one everyone's already talkin about
it's name is " C'est ça Paris " shot by Peter Lindbergh
so the main idea is the little black dress, essential for this summer
the very parisian chic style, some rivers of diamonds
it reminded me of Balenciaga's latest show !! very strict madam
she's havin fun in private with her others ladies
maybe she's bi and she's smokin hot
by the way a lot of folks said it looked like this old pictures with Naomi, Cindy, Linda.......etc
Carine once again decided who were the new top models !!! i agree for Poly and Sasha case ! but Doutzen didnt really shine !! Lily Donaldson face is just too large for me so i cant love her and miss Catherine really looks amazin but there's somethin missin !so do u agree with this top five ?!!