Cant Keep On....Doin It All Night Long !! And Its On;;;Defintiely Again
0 comment Friday, May 16, 2014 |

Now that I've seen the whole campaign with Katie Holmes, i can finally say this was the lame-est Miu Miu ad ever !! goshhh what happened to Miuccia !!!! is it Tom Cruise scientologist people who threatened her ?!!! i guess so.... Honestly what the hell is Katie, the ugliest protagonist of Dawson, doing here !!? it's just boring !! she honestly look like a dog and her eyes are falling !!!! what about all the models out there !! dying in the cold russian land, waiting for a holly soul to save them !! im always against celebrities not being perfect enough !!! not being good examples !!! have u forgot the spots she had on her face and lips just two days after kissin Tom at his movie premiere ! ewwww is that fab ? is that fashion ? is that anything cute ? that's mainly why I've choose the high-heels picture to introduce this article ! ten times better !!! fierce enough for a Miu Miu lady !!!! chic forever !!!
ps : and i also wanted to sa fuck to this crisis and all those marketing rules !!! i dont care if we need to sell !! the customer is not stupid !!!! why do we need a famous face to be addicted to the product ? to at least, feel like we wanna buy ? even the insane Lindsay Lohan was better !! does it mean next time we'll have Michael Jackson for Miu Miu ? Amen