Empty Yourself So As To Get Free
0 comment Wednesday, May 21, 2014 |
i love marc jacobs, maybe i havent said this before but it's always interestin and fresh with him ! no matter what people say about his work at vuitton
his last runaway shows were impressive and we can never guess how the collection will look like or who are gonna be the new face !
who would have hired jlo for louis vuitton ?!! it was one of my favorite ad
for scarlett johansson case, well it is different ! i wasn't for ! she's too young and her pictures were a bit too glossy and vermeer for me ! but whatever right !?
i just discover his new ad for marc by marc jabos with singer MIA
I'm not a big fan but it's really kitsch to see how he is using some clothes from the fashion show in an ad with nothin really glamour, sexy, provocative....
i think marc work with juergen teller is brilliant
they show fashion in a more human way, less makeup, less bling bling !! so i can finally breathe

ps: dont know how victoria will look ? but I'm sure it's gonna be cool