Johnny's French Paradis
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who knew johnny deep would date a vanessa paradis like woman ?
he was the symbol of young and rebelious american boys, smokin, drinkin and takin drugs whereas she was the typical french woman, chic, talented and very elegant
and since 1998, they are together and had two children : Lily-Rose and Jack

i decided to talk just a little bit about them
just to say that vanessa paradis who is a singer, actress and model has released a new album. Simply named "divinne idylle"
and the video is showin her music video for her second single "dès que jte vois"

i wanted to talk about it cuz it's for me the best music of those past years
it is actually a reinterpretation of what the famous american dancer, Loie Fuller did
so the pics that u can see on the post show her while performin

the video is just awesome
and i believe it's a kind of mix between Loie Fuller dance movement, alexander mcqueen fashion and a bit of flower bomb perfume ad by victor & rolf
very hard to describe cuz it is just a pleasure
i wish u gonna enjoy