Jsuis Simone, Elle Est Bonne Et Je Suis Trop Conne Pour Toi !!! Weshh
Cherche Pas Tu M'Auras Pas Non
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what's that new economic trend that is about having a fashion spread in magazine which styling is only made of one brand ? oh and is it really usefull payin then a stylist who'll have nothing to do but bring back every pieces from one specific collection ! well i read somewhere that it was called "ad-torial" !! ewww disgusting rich brands paying a lot to get four pages in a Conde Nast company magazine !!? so the case here is different but D & G cruise collection is featured exclusively in the new Dazed & Confused issue released in january ! but what's hot from my point of view is that this new issue is dedicated to " youth " !! all those young and fab hipsters making the people mind blow !!! yes yes it's possible !! we're a new generation, ready to change history ! are you gonna join ?
ps : yeah dont ask who the hell is this model since it's just another girl next door found by dazed chic team around London ! and see the result and she looks quite fierce and witty in terms of fashion !! ahhhhhhh i wanna see the streets full of people like that :) see ya there