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" Being modern doesn�t mean looking only at the future generation. It�s also about creating a more contemporary look for the women who are living and buying now. A woman who is 40 or 50 can be much more fashionable than a young woman of 20. She can be more herself. And a girl of 20 doesn�t have the financial independence of a woman of 40 or 50. " Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi for Interview mag.

Now that my life has changed here in Paris, as im sharing half my time with young designers, models or stylists that are my friends, I've realized that the complexity i love isnt necessary modern or anything ! yeah when i think about modern-futuristic designer i can immediately say Louise Goldin, Sandra Backlund, Christopher Kane, Marios Schwab.....but it is truly modern ???? not really after reflection ! their approach of the body has been done over and over again already, the shapes or mixed colors may look dangerously new but no !! but i think they do represent this kind of new fashion blood, restless and outrageous ! not scared about anything fancy ! but let' remember Suzy Menkes who said " who dares, wins " !!? but it also remind me of Albert Elbaz who said " Whatever�s happening now, it�s the end of fake. What�s not real will go. What we have to do now is make life easier for women " !! yeah the best for last !! that's why I've picked the Ferre collection as it was truly brilliant, undeniably feminine and elegant ! la dolce vita....