Exclusive Interview of Mariano Vivanco
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what a great chance i got when I've asked photographer Mariano Vivanco to share with me some time answering few questions from my then on unmissable " trendsetters on this way " column ! for the sad and ignorant one, Mariano is just one very gifted artist mainly collaborating with fashion trendy and hype magazine around the world !!! his unmistakeable eye has made him shot ad campaigns for the best : Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Cesare Paciotti or Zegna !! moreover he is also very popular for his sexy and undeniably seductive black and white photographs of young men for the Dieux du Stade calendar or for the D & G David Gandy calendar !!! oh and he made portraits of the most talked-after dudes like football player Kaka, designer Paul Smith or of Vogue Nippon muse Anna Dello Russo !! check his website to get into his fabulous world at www.marianovivanco.com !!! and thanks a lot !
ps : next week I'll post pictures from his recently released magazine !!!! and it's quite exclusive as there is almost no pics on internet !! cute no !?

so let's start by the beginning. so you are a photographer ! is it a job you've always wanted to do ?
M.V : Since I was 16 years old. But since I was 4 or 5 I was obsessed by movies and fashion.
Would you agree with the people that says " photography is like stealing the present " ?
M.V : No it is Preserving it.
By the way thinking about your work and art which is from my point of view sexually appealing and dangerously seductive, i would be really interested in knowin if you would agree with Mario Sorrenti who said " photography is an act of seduction " ?
M.V : Yes and even more by Chris Von Wangenheim quote "photography is like the promise of sex"
You shot the best models, Naomi Campbell, Lily Cole or Andres Velencoso and so many others. isnt it intimidating ?
M.V : Not at all!! Its more like an honour! Actually the first time with Naomi, she was one of the first famous people I shot, so I was a bit nervous, but when I got into it, it was fine.
So can you sum up for me your way of working ? i mean is there a way you're preparing every shooting ?
M.V : Every shoot has a life of its own, from editorials, to portraits to advertising jobs. But usually after it is decided what it is we are going to shoot, I then get an idea, or a vision for the job. We all then start planning it, this can usually take weeks. From set production to casting back to location hunting, there is lots to think about and then take this process and times it roughly by 30 shoots per season, its a hefty workload. Every aspect is carefully considered, then with a bit of luck we have little moments of spontaneity that happen.
Well looking at your website, I've realized you did one campaign for Prada. you must be proud of it right !? but did you meet Miuccia ? how is she ?
M.V : No I did not meet her, I admire her very much though.
I've also realized you're a great fan of gym settings as seen in your many Dolce & Gabbana ads ! why ?
M.V : That concept begun when I used to photograph all the soccer players for Dolce Gabbana and also when I shot the Diex Dv Stade calendar. Gym surroundings are natural places for the sportsmen to be, hence those locations for the campaigns.
By the way I've seen you've worked a lot with sportsmen as seen in Les Dieux du Stade calendar or in your book Milan. do you fall in love for them ?
M.V : Do I fall in love With them? No, I have to know someone to love them, but yes, there has been times of eroticism.
So you released a book this year called " ninetyfive chapel market " mainly made of black and white shots. why have you called it that way ? and what's special about your way of making portraits ?
M.V : That was the actual address of the place I lived (and worked) at. I get to know the people I shoot as much as I can, so the portraits have an intimate feeling.
Do you have some things or places or people or whatever that inspires you ?
M.V : Places, people, music, conversations, art galleries, friendships, night out, moments you name it, I am a sponge!
And do you have a favorite photographer ? or artist ?
M.V : Newton, Avedon and Penn. and many many artists
So as a photographer i was wondering what you may think about celebrities doin campaigns for big brands whereas there are many great and cool models ?
M.V : I love both but celebrities, they cary a lot of energy and are very self aware, so sometimes they are better than models. Things swing around in pendulums so for sure the trend of models being our main form of attention will definitely come back.
You're workin a lot with the Dazed & Confused magazine team on editorials. what do you like about them ?
M.V : they are all like mates, especially Nicola, I guess we are all growing together.
And what is a perfect picture shot by Mariano Vivanco like ?
M.V : One that will last the test of time.
Finally what is stylish today ?
M.V : Confidence