I've Fucked My American Cunt
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well i have one question to ask, who's the luckiest hollywood star ?
- Johnny Deep maybe havin a beautifull woman and two nice childen
- Georges Clooney maybe because he's hotter than everyone and that he's still a bachelor !!
- Matt Damon appearin in more movies per years than any other actors before !!
however the winner is simply not in the list, cuz i do believe Brad Pitt is the luckiest !! not only because he's physically perfect but because he has Angie !!
at the beginnin she was just that very dark and very special hot woman who transformed herself into a nice and business woman !! and trendsetter too !!
trends ? yes... i mean for example the adopted baby :!!
now Madonna has done it or ......etc
the trend of the happy family always takin care of the babies, pickin them up at school, going to the park.....
but style ?!! hum not really i guess
so what is she doin on Vanity's Fair ?

ps : be carefull with those pictures, cuz im not sure if they're really from that issue !! actually i got them through a friend
but have u already seen them before then ?!!!