Frankly Well Hum Why Not !!?
0 comment Thursday, May 22, 2014 |

well is it a wrong impression or is it true that people are kind of bored of fashion weeks ? i hope I'm wrong !! because even if the good-tastes people are still the same (no changings) i guess the quality has improved !!
and the it-people and fashionistas styles has changed a lot
so i wanted a bit to talk about one trend : the little dark riding hood !!
maybe it's a tale u still havent heard yet but soon u'll like it
so there's the fairy Carine Roitfeld who came to the Dior show this week wearin this unbelievable Junya Watanabe outfit !!! from my point of view, it's one of her best outfit so far !! the gothic look when you're 50 or somethin like that is just marvellous ! how can this be possible ?
moreover i took those others looks referrin to this trend !!
it's so nice
i guess hidin is the new thing !
by the way u may havent understand the last pic !! normal
but im sure it's gonna be everywhere in streets
i dont know why
but im sure it's gonna work
(all pictures from the sartorialist, cafe mode and finally the facehunter)