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well the fashion week is still in paris and there's one question on everyone lips : how can i wear fur without fearin I'll be one day assault by the Peta ?
yes be scared !!! maybe you'll be attacked by their representant like Pamela Anderson who is as u all know better naked than with fur !! no need to say it !! however for those who has forget, one move, register to playbloy immediately !!!
for the rest, it's oky cuz Jean-Paul Gaultier checked the paper and there's no problem ! at all ! browsin with a fox head on a lovely model one !!!
so about his collection it was mainly pure luxe
i believe there's no word better than luxe to describe it
as usually he invited us to a new trip, from safari to jungle, with a lot and a lot of animals !! and the girls seemed to like it too
well from my point of view, it was a nice collection, full of lovely coats and furs
im not a big fan of furs but i believe it's okay for winter-time !!but not only, so the trend is really Cavalli in a way
so there's this patchwork of different animals prints mixed with furs, or animals body parts....
this adventurer or female indiana jones shows that ethnic looks are still in the air of time and that those looks are only good becuz they're worn with style !