Parfois J'ai Envie De Tout Casser, De Me Blesser, Tout Simplement
T'oublier Putain
0 comment Wednesday, May 7, 2014 |

did i mention how hard it was to work in fashion !!!? well " work " is such a big word knowin my work in fashion consists right now in bloggin but let's face it, im movin to somethin bigger !! yeah yeah that's true !! the possibilities offered in Paris are so incredible and gettin that close to designers, models and/or the people surrounded them makes me smile and dream !! so well i just cant say anything right now but............ ! you'll get news soon ! so well dont be surprised if i dont post as much as before !! who cares about my posts right !?
ps : i still dont know what i am gonna choose or where am i gonna get nor if i should be more Linda Evangelista than Tyson Ballou !! isnt it fantastic ?