I Love Electro, I Like It Ghetto, I Like The Retro, House And Tecno
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agree on that statement or not, but i can hardly hide the fact that "hairs and hair are IN"
of course im not talkin about the hairs we would burn if we had some on our shoulders and back !! ew !! as if we were monkeys !!
no..not at all
im talkin for example about the mustache !! very in !
we've seen so many guys with it and the stars like Justin or Johnny Deep are aficionados !! so let's follow them right ?!!

as u may have seen here, the boy has long hair
i guess it's part of the boho movement !
very hippie and flower power ! but it goes well too with somethin avant-garde, in the mood for the future for example
everything in this editorial by Hintmag is special and absolutely cool
first the clothes which are from Henrik Vibskov, Eric Lebon or Raf Simons
so u cant deny the fact that it's really wicked !
then the photographs taken by Dirk Merten ! the way it's centered is pretty different from the perfectness of some mags that are makin me really sick right now !
so im lovin it
and the model, Max Vogel
i do like the photo with the hair flying ! it's so surreal !
ps : I've said the best for last !!
the two lasts pictures are fantastic thanks to the sheepskin collar-necklace from Maria Francesca Pepe that the model is wearin !!
i need that !!
please my birthday is in july