Maybe There's Nothin Baby That I Can Do !! Another Man That Surely
Deserves It !!! Yes Please Love Me, Fool Me
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Im in love with Vogue Paris, deeply !! yeah so very much !!? dont u ? well what's very special with Carine Roifeld team probably come from their total sense of humor ! i kind of remember an old interview she gave and she was saying each vogue paris issue was dedicated to the french woman, to that lady buying the magazine every month !! and it truly made me smile and laugh lookin at those shots :!!: because yeah what a crazy madame is the french woman !! haha !! fierce and sexy !! but also fashionable and ready to have fun !! however if all those wonderfull women in the mag wouldnt be just an utopy, i'd feel better everyday ! yeah i live in Paris and i admit, very sincerely that french people are boring when it comes to style ! no daring people at all ! plus french dress in black all the time !! so sad !! plus french are moody !! yeah i love France :!!! but is it really like that in the real life ??????? answer : nooooooooo