I Wanna Touch You But That Just Hurt
0 comment Saturday, May 3, 2014 |

in fashion, there's always new stuffs !! new ads, new outfits, some shows, new shops......so same here with their campaigns
first with the brand Hermès !!
always very ethnic, with some animals !! very Hermès
the sarouel that the indian girl wears is gorgeous and everythin here is part from the french trademark philosophy
so to me, it's a very good ad and everything here exists for a reason
lovin this

next with Balmain
the return of the supermodel is so in !! daria is hot as usually
however it's quite simple and uninterestin even very scholars
this is exactly the kind of things students do
too easy for me !!

Chanel is so and so cool
here for their sportwear line with model brad kroenig and
blue sky is the color of this season
i guess will see a lot of accesorries and sports stuffs

finally Sonia Rykiel
well disappointed and sad
i love her, her interestin influence over fashion and her personal style
but what happened here ? somethin too oldfashioned !!
as if it was destined to women of sixty years old
but i like there bags and glasses
but who knows who the models are ?