Couture Is Drunk !!
0 comment Saturday, May 3, 2014 |
just think about kate moss at some party, or of pete doherty ! to be fashionable you just need your cristal glass of champagne and some coke (not coca cola).
That's cute, there's so much smart examples of naomi campbell, of jessica stam or gisele partying while being drunk or not already, or sometimes too late ! damn !! but anyway, some bigs name are workin for some drinks for the good and the worst
the hits

first by victor & rolf for peiper heidsick, the idea is completely clever ! this game of turning things up down and vice versa ! fantastic no ?! the second is from christian lacroix for the famous water french brand evian. finally Karl lagerfeld vision of the champagne dom pérignon. A little box with six little bottles so cute and three little glass for champagne !
the miss

here the first one is from suze by gaspard yurkievich ! so disappointed ! so classic don't know what gaspard did here ! tell me if u know it so ?!! the second is a vodka bottle made by roberto cavalli ! but where is the jungle print, the leopard and the strass and diamonds ?!! very lame ! and the last but not for best by chantal thomas for the drink gloss ! too simple ! don't know what to say