So I Found The Light In The Tunnel At The End
0 comment Saturday, May 3, 2014 |
i shouldnt say that but I'm feelin ashamed cuz i just realize how brilliant the Proenza Schouler pre-fall collection was
I'm mr style and i finally discovered this !!! how lame right ?!!!!
so here is a preview with my favorite outfits !! somethin i'd definetely love and crave to see women in
somethin just so chic and elegant that only a woman with good tastes can wear
somethin we'll see in a good restaurant in New York at 13h00 or at the beginnin of a party in Paris at 19h00 or just before going to work in Milan at 9h00
however, there's no hour for somethin awesome and there's no place where people only look fantastic ! so just be happy and wear somethin that delight you
please forgive me !?