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0 comment Saturday, May 3, 2014 |
Mr bling bling released his designs with Vuitton ! yes, the neptunes singer, Pharrell Williams has launched a collection of jewels with the french brand
so i decided to talk a bit about it and then to show u the best stuffs
it's better knowin what i'd buy if for example i win at the Euro Millions !! who knows ?!!!!
the name of the collection is "blason" and the singer created them with the help of Camille Miceli (workin at Louis Vuitton on the jewelry)
so it's very expensive and for the little circle of young and hype teenage millionaire but the result is cool
some interestin references
gold and diamonds of course !! somethin for the eyes and the wallet !!!
do u think we'll have in the future a Dior collection of underwear with lil kim ?
or a Miu Miu campaign with Pete Doherty and Amy Whinehouse !?
and this time I'm not kiddin !!