You Cant Trust The Voice Within !!!!! So Move On !!!
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" Everyone talks about the flirtation between art and fashion. But it really is only flirting. The romance hasnt been consummated, and it's unlikely to ever go all the way. But if there's any real meeting point between art and fashion. It's probably in the spirit of couture. Like art. Couture is about the original. About an elaborately crafted, fantastically creative product that is conspicuoulsy useless but appeals to an almost fanatical elite of collectors and connoisseurs. It may not be for you or me. But isnt that the point ? " Katie Grand

when i recently discovered those pictures featured in the upcomin issue of V Magazine, i just decided i should post them for u and as i was readin this quote from Katie Grand i just thought it would be brilliant mixin them !! fashion is somethin so hard to define but easy to describe !! isnt it the point ?!!!!! let's hope they wont prevent us from enjoyin such intense moment because of the financial crisis !!! fuck the money !!!
ps : im already workin on gettin invitations for the couture shows in january !!!!!!!!!!! wouldnt it be sweet if i could get there !!