C'est Beau La Mode
0 comment Friday, May 2, 2014 |
before each new fashion week, I'm just wondering how is it gonna be like
how each collection will look like ? and what are gonna be the key trends ?
it's always very exciting !! since frida giannini is workin for gucci, i love their shows ! so i really wonder how the gucci man will look like this season !
same with raf simons and john galliano
so for this post i decided to give my propositions
i guess the fashion week may wont look the way i wanted it to look like but...let's see !!!

first the asian influence !! Japanese and Chinese have become real customers now in luxury goods, so i guess we're gonna see lots of kimonos or stuffs like that ! silk with asian patterns, bonzais drawings on shirt, or sumos belts... but it doesnt count if it's during yamamoto's show or junya watanabe
so dont know if I'm right for this season or what...but in a year or two, it's gonna be everywhere ! trust me
(from yamamoto of course, collection 05)

then the gothic accesories ! i dont know why but I'm sure
we will find lots of leather belts or corset maybe at gaultier or galliano
the boots too !! like the moon boots from dior ! lots of accesories in black
but less things in plastic for a clubber look u see ?!!
so it's gonna be marilyn manson ! with some crosses, religious items
and punk shirts like westwood, a british influence with the rock bands
(here from dior hommes show s/s 07)

finally I'm sure will find humor
dont know how a humourous outfit could look like but we will find somethin with a touch of humour !! people critizin, bad language, some naked asses...
maybe with some smileys here and there
I'm sure marc jacobs gonna entertain us and i hope he's going to do somethin as cool as what de did for vuitton last show
maybe I'll say in french somethin "improbable" (sorry i dont know how to translate)
it's awesome to make the editor in chief laugh or somethin that carine roitfeld would say " a touch of bizarre" !!
so keep your eyes wide open
(here from bernhard willhelm collection 07)
i know all of this may not happen
but let's bet right !?
however, give me your suggestions before it all begin