Illusion Is The First of All Pleasures
0 comment Friday, May 30, 2014 |

Yesterday night i was at Jeremy Scott show !! so much fun !! so many nice people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great and funny looks as usually !! everyone knows Scott show is about a certain idea of sweet freedom and glittering rebelliousness ! so well the idea was really special with Marie-Antoinette like hair !! the same funky looks !! but well it sucks cuz there were so many people there, so many cameras and flashes that it prevented me from gettin good shots !! yuck !!! oh and the after party was fabulous !! open bar, models and gorgeous people and even Uffie came and djed !! i saw designer Cassette Playa also, Anouck Lepere and famous husband, Mark the cobrasnake but I've wondered where Cory Kennedy was and Susie Bubble and even Louise, the french fashionista !? oh and I've finally seen Gareth Pugh and his boyfriend !!! besides i even got the chance to chat a bit with Jeremy Scott and my friend took a pic of us !! I'll upload it later !! ok !?

ps : dont be angry about me if u cant really see what the girl had on !! this new season it's about roses and the same bright colors !! oh and the new sneakers are gold with a golden feather !! that's the accessory we absolutely need !! check the pics of Jeremy Scott look !! cheers

all pictures taken by me !!