Love Is Too Weak, A Word For What I Feel
0 comment Friday, May 30, 2014 |

with the crisis invading my house, my home, my self, i feel like there's nothin to entertain me anymore !! sad end right !!? no no no i cant let myself like that !!! that's probably why im posting such cute shots ! but the real reason is that I've been really laughing looking at that spread, especially on the styling !!? how to describe it fellas ?? simple, casual quite classic !! yeah and when u look at those shots you definitely feel different, maybe fancy, too galliano-esque for your taste ! but that's not my problem now !! yeah i think it's pretty genius ! we dont have money to afford Dior couture or Lanvin cocktail let's be inventive !!! we can mix jeans and those simple white shirts and look lovely !! but dont forget to pluck flowers from your neighboors :!!!! plus they wont ask for money !!!! now all fashionistas would be running for priceless, pricefree items ! yeah that's the new glamour ! back to reality, back to glamour !!!
ps : people are advising everyone that the best thing to do is to shop your closet !!!! truly smart !! :)