Yours Eyes Made Me Melt Honey Darling
0 comment Friday, May 30, 2014 |

if Indie magazine isnt sellin as much issues as Vogue every months, they shouldnt feel bad as their issues are always full of great surprises !! like that editorial styled by my friend René Gloor who's one of those guys always invited to every parisian bash and known by a lot of designers !!! and by models too !!! whatever !!!! so let's start by sayin first that Omahyra Mota (the model for the lazy people who doesnt know her !!! it's lame !!) isnt represented enough !!! im always congratulating those rare girls who dare to be themselves in a world where they're asked to be someone else everytime ! so fuck off to all the people who says " models are empty shells " !!!!
ps : if only the rock and roll parisian kids could dress the same way exactly !! oh and if u wanna see Omahyra, she lives in Paris now as her boyfriend is french !! ah l'amour !!
ps2 : i promise I'll stop posting everyday fashion spread !!!! isnt it boring sometimes !!!? oh and I'll be posting on monday somethin really great !! come back again