It's Up To You But If I Cant Marry My Boyfriend, Then I'll Marry Your
Daughter ! Is That What You Want ?
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At least, with her designs, Yang Du would be able to sell !! yes we're in recession time !! it's quite tragic to say or admit that but We're IN CRISIS !! i even cant believe im makin such a big thing for it !!? i mean, i listen to Dazed & Confused new slogan : smile !! which isnt hard !! we work in fashion and we're havin fun !! we'll die young but never regret !! oh and i swear a lot !!!! and i'd always yield to temptation in order to get rid of it !!! :)
so I've been lovin every piece of that chinese designer since i discover her work !! she has been praised a lot recently especially because she's an artist and she's also exhibiting a lot !! actually, i think in economically sad times, the average people dont buy clothes anymore !! i mean they cant afford and they dont wanna waste which is normal ! on the other hand, the rich dudes, dont wanna look like they dont care ! so they pretend it's too expensive owning one Balmain dress !! in fact, the family already owns ten pieces !! think vintage !! so at the end, the only people that can make people smile and make them dream are funny artist !! and i believe Yand Du is just one of them !! i can easily imagine Jeremy Scott pouting and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac cryin !!! hilarious !! yeah please next time you click on " add to cart ", think about it !!!! oh and please, it's important that we support young designers that deserve respect and yeah if god wants, success :)
ps : on Vogue Paris cover ? hum maybe..............who knows ?
ps2 : now instead of " think fashionista ", u'd better say " act recessionista " !!! i know i can be sometimes very pathetic