Many Talents, Many Good Ideas, Many Fab Faces And So Photogenic !! But
What For ?
0 comment Sunday, May 11, 2014 |

wonderfull no !!? what's really funny and paradoxical, is that it feels like japanese are afraid of their culture or tired of it as they never try anything like that !! whereas it's just mindblowing and as u can all see, it's pretty simple !! a girl Anna Selezneva, shot in a studio !!? good ideas and an interestin photographer.....what else !!? CREATIVITY !! and that's all !! it also reminded me of the first Vogue hommes japan issue !! truly amazin !!! and it was dealing with culture but not in a boring, too traditional way !! so i feel like fashion is definitely going in that direction ! Lakshmi Menon shot in India in vogue or harper"s bazaar, Ymre in a french farm !!! amazin no !! now i wanna know when are they gonna do somethin ethnic with south american or in morroco !!? wouldnt it feel good !!? the audience wants fresh air !!
ps : if im lovin that editorial from ID magazine, i have to admit that it's becomin really boring !! the covers are still fierce enough and brilliant !! but the content is just really blank and empty !! beautifull images but nothin inside !! but ID is known as models favorite mag!!! but it's not a reason please.....