Let's Celebrate
0 comment Friday, May 23, 2014 |

who would have spent a penny for miss Kennedy a year ago ?
no one i guess !! but now she's more than a local celebrity !!
i guess Roberto was right !!:) power is beauty !!
in fact, a lot of people say Cory looks like a homeless drug-addict little LA chick !! and most of the time she looks absolutely wild
so im not sure a lot of brand would have been interested !! but now that she has mogul Cobrasnake around her and her best life partner designer Jeremy Scott !! it's almost normal to see her drunk everyday and to finally see the glam and chic invadin her lifestyle !!*
okay im jealous but everyone no !?
maybe Sebastian Professional company would be fan of my hair !! gasps !! in this case Cory wins !! so here is a new ad campaign under her belt
dont be sad, and give yourself a little glass of champagne !!