My Momma Said Dont Funk With Their Hearts
0 comment Thursday, May 15, 2014 |

the new Vogue Russia is amazin !!
okay i admit it's not the best cover even if Poly is gorgeous here !!
i love her hair !! very hollywood glamour !! fantastic
besides, the whole mag is dedicated to her !! so she's starrin in every editorial !! i dont know if it's a mag trick but they already did this with Vodianova !!! but i guess it's also interestin here !!! but why havent they done this for Irina Lazareanu before or Lily Cole ?!!!
let's make a good review !! after all it's Vogue

so first editorial by photographer Miguel Reveriego ! dont know who the hell is he but the result is great !! i especially love the styling and Poly manages as usually to look and act the perfect way !! she's so Vogue Paris no !!?

about the Terry Tsiolis editorial, i guess they've done the best job ever !! it's so geek and so dazed !! i think they should have kept those pictures for the cover !! it's so brilliant !! and Natasha is amazin !! so smart !! so.......
concernin the Mario Sorrenti shoot, well it's about flesh and sex !! do i really need to add somethin when u look at such gorgeous picture of her ? so Purple mag no !!?

finally the Matt Irwin pictures which are about showin Poly in natural !! in her native russian land !! i guess i do like a lot those shootings revealin the soul of the model even if it's very cliché !! and even with the make-up they try to make her look natural but flawless !!! such a liar !!