Goodbye Farewell My Friends... No More...
0 comment Wednesday, May 14, 2014 |
im finally ready to say that Raquel Zimmermann is one amazin and inspirational model ! the brazilian model euphoria days seem away but the two giants Raquel and Gisele are still dominatin the catwalks and editorials from the fashion world
in the new issue of Vogue Nippon, La Zimmermann is playin with her fellow japanese friends for Sorrenti !!
i couldnt express how glad i felt
ok im not a fan of Raquel but i"'ve been already surprised by her amazin chameleon skills and her editorial from Vogue Paris by Roitfeld was brilliant
is she becomin one of the top 5 supermodel of this decade ?!!
why are the brazilians sucessfull ?

i love this spread for the great visuals !!!! Tokyo is so inspirin !!
the trendsetters from the whole planet are goin back to their roots in Japan
if Omotesando Hills doesnt mean any thing to u, it's just the most luxurious place in Asia !! while Ginza is her little sister !! and Urahara is the underground place where the it-people artistic circles grow
i wanna go there fellas and see while im shoppin at Undercover, the zakura blossomin !!!!
asia is poetic ! it's romantic ! it's artistic
ps : why japanese and people from London are the only one who dares dressin excentrically !!? is it cultural ?