That's Fabulous !! Dynamite !! Oh Yeah Darling !! Jadore
0 comment Wednesday, May 14, 2014 |

hahaha yes Mister im friend with a lot of people !!!! but you dont have to trust me !!! who cares !! who are u anyway !!!! oops sorry about this personal message !!! yeah Vogue US finally !! Anna is back !! god models models models !! im so proud having met half of them already !!! with a fantastic cast !! but i dont understand the main cover with Natalia, Liya and Anna. Yeah Anna Jagodzinska isnt the most talked about girl right now !! what is she doing here !! plus i dont get why isnt there any asian models !!? Daul Kim, Hyoni or Hye Park...or even Du Juan no !!? but it feels good seeing models, seeing beauties on a fashion magazine cover !! i have to admit that they've done efforts !!! after Michelle Obama weird cover, they've done one with fierce beyonce !!! two blacks women !! fantastic no !? and now models !!!? and next month, we'll have Sienna Miller apparently ! fab people and fashionable and trendsetters !!! we're in the right mood my darlings !!
ps: yeah and i cant wait to see who are gonna be there at the Costume Institute Gala !!!!! who is gonna be with Marc Jacobs !!? what is Anna Wintour gonna be wearing !!? Olivier Theyskens or not !!? gossip gossip !! till then i need to get my hands on this :)